Greasy Dub

Articulating Bus Project

My first year at burning man was 2006. I have always wanted to build an art car, and burning man just seemed like a good fit. Brandon and I camp at the VW Bus Camp, that as well, seemed appropriate.

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Parts Needed

  • Mobile Home Hitch/Tongue (pending pickup )
  • Any sort of structural metal -> think rotation/hinges/reinforcement
  • Materials:: I.e. seat foam, canvas, faux fur, fun items, we are open to creative ideas :)
  • Tires - high load range
  • Lights / El wire / LED / bright blinkys 12Volt
  • Semi-transparent pvc tubing
  • Stretchy white fabric (for skin of creature)
  • Big Gauge wire for electric drive motor (for PlayaDrive™)

We are asking that if you have extra items you are not using, or if you would like to donate to this project please contact OR