Greasy Dub

1971 Datsun 510 Wagon

  • Engine: 2.6 ford Capri V6 (German Ford)
  • Tranny: C4 Spd At with Stage 1 shift kit
  • Rear Drive: 300xz rear end
  • Brakes: 4 wheel disk
  • fiberglass hood with front scoop
  • Front fiberglass spoiler

This is not your usual 510 wagon. It is lowered, has shaved door handles, shaved rear license plate area (plate hangs off rear bumper), fiberglass hood with reverse cowl, front fiberglass spoiler, drive-shaft tunnel was enlarged for larger driveshaft.

Running and driving – has Oregon title, currently has trip permit.

A lot to list, have lots and lots of documentation of part numbers, dates installed, etc.

Video taken today (12-23-2009) driving the datsun - normal shift points (not really trying)

* Engine: Built 2.6 ford Capri V6 (German Ford)
* 4 barrel Holley
* Tranny: C4 3-speed Automatic with Stage 1 shift kit - brand new rebuild
* B&M Ratchet shifter
* Rear Drive: narrowed 200zx rear end
* 4 wheel disk brakes
* fiberglass hood with rear facing scoop
* Front fiberglass spoiler
* Aftermarket headers
* new muffler
* engine compartment freshly painted
* no headliner (comes with old and parts to install a new one)
* Acura front seats
* stock rear seat
* rear seat folds down
* Electric solenoids for front automatic door open (currently has an original door with regular handle)

Entire Rear end/diff
A bunch of seals for the rear window seals (the wagon seals, the hard to find ones)
Extra set of stock heads
Capri valve covers (there are ford ones on the engine currently)
About 4 front doors
Extra hood
Track bar (bolts to body and rod to rear suspension, reduces body roll)
A lot of misc items, extra thermostats, bolts, interior pieces, etc
Old struts and parts that are still good that were on the car or not yet installed

All the spare parts will NOT FIT in the car.